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Making the latest technology easy to use for all
We are a technology lab working to bring the benefits of Generative AI, Web3, DAO and cyber security to all — seasoned techies or casual enthusiasts.

We put into your hands the technology tools needed to fire up your creative human expression.
Our latest project is a Generative AI app that helps people play with AI, reflect on their emotions and to connect meaningfully with others.

Visit to learn more. Download the app here.


We relate to each other without hierarchy or a need for consensus. We believe that freedom and accountability are two sides of the same coin.


We bring our whole selves to our work. We celebrate the vulnerable, the emotional, and the spiritual within us. We embrace the calling to reclaim wholeness within ourselves and in our connection with life and nature.


We view PowerInside as having a soul, a creative impulse and a purpose. We place trust in the abundance of life.
Our team's fundamental principles
Dmitry Ivanov, Founder
Tech entrepreneur, founder of a multi-million dollar business. Passionate about servant leadership and breakthrough tech.
Happy father of four daughters. Yachtsman, scuba-diver, hiker. Believes that love saves the planet.
Dmitry Buterin, Advisor
Serial tech entrepreneur, founder of three multi-million dollar businesses, mentor, blockchain investor.
Spiritual seeker. A curious consciousness vibrating its weird unique frequency of love, joy and silliness.
Basil Lukinykh, Cat-founder
Team leader and project manager. I know how to Scrum and DevOps. I have conducted a smart contract security audit, participated in a DAO and trained Stable Diffusion AI models.
I love my wife, my two children, and my cat.
Nazar Taras, Head of Content and Partnerships
(Data Inc. ApS)
Writer, Bitcoin enthusiast, summit organizer.
Covered in sand, he builds camps at the Burning Man.
Love is the answer, beauty is the way.
The core team
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