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Our approach to DAO cyber security audits
At PowerInside, we believe that the best way to find vulnerabilities in your security is to put on a hacker's hat and to examine your DAO through the hackers eyes.

We also strongly believe in conducting a comprehensive holistic audit of your DAO. In addition to finding bugs in your smart contract code, we examine for vulnerabilities your infrastructure and your processes. Additionally, we evaluate exploitable Human Factor or Social Engineering weaknesses inside your organization.
How we work
Approaching an audit, we first focus on gathering all available information about your DAO, exactly as a hacker would do. This includes looking at company documents, social media chat rooms, open source repositories, and deployed smart contracts, for example.

Next, we catalog how your DAO works by evaluating your instruments and processes. We pay attention to your exposure to Social Engineering threats, such as via email passwords leaks. Thereafter, we look at your infrastructure (e.g. servers, DNS names, IP addresses, available services).

Then, we analyze the information and create diagrams of your deployed resources. We check our findings against known vulnerabilities and recorded attacks. We examine dApps and smart contracts against the best coding practices. We verify your business logic.

Finally, we compile a report and present our findings as well as recommendations along with corresponding risk levels assessment. We advise how you can resolve each problem. Additionally, we offer you an opportunity to retest your DAO to ensure that you are decisively fully secured.
Let's talk!
Please email us at and we will get in touch with.
Also, you can schedule the 15-minute discovery call with us.
What our clients say about us
PowerInside Security Lab conducted a fantastic security assessment of our DApp and infrastructure.

Their report was professional, deeply detailed, and introduced us to new ways of evaluating and understanding our systems. We found their analysis so helpful that we've engaged their team to review our next DApp as well!

Griff Green, Co-founder, Giveth DAO
PowerInside Security Lab administered a security assessment of our web application and infrastructure.

We have found PowerInside's final report solid and impressive. The research, planning, and testing resulted in an extensive set of actionable recommendations, which were highly appreciated by our tech team.

Andrew Zaptochny, CEO, Blockgeeks
PowerInside Security Lab conducted a professional security assessment of our infrastructure and web application on time and with outstanding quality.

It is a pleasure to work with such a team of experts!

Vlad Martynov, CEO, Iceberg
PowerInside Security Lab completed several penetration tests of the web applications in the Personify portfolio.

The PowerInside team worked with confidence and knowledge. They took time to understand how our applications worked and made actionable recommendations to help us mitigate potential security threats that are increasingly common today.

David Reese, CTO, Personify
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